Free PSD App Icon Template

App icon template helps you in designing app icons. This template contain different icon sizes (512x – 96x – 72x – 48x – 36x). It’s easy to use, you actually don’t have to edit all of them. No, you just need to edit the 512 icon layer then the other sizes will change automatically.

PSD App Icon Template



How to use

1- Double click on 1. EDIT ICON SMART OBJECT layer inside 512px group/folder to open it in a new tap.


2- Change the background color by double click on bd layer.


3- Add your logo or whatever you want. Then Save the work [ctrl+S].


4- Done! Go back to the main PSD file. All the icons should be updated.


Now create a new work [ctrl+N] then drag and drop the icons.
Or you can save only the 512px icon on PNG format. Then use this tool [Launcher Icon Generator] to have multi-sized app icons.

Hope this PSD app icon template useful for you. If you want more details on how to use PSD mockups then check this Tutorial [HERE].

Any questions feel free to ask.